We see waste reduction as a very important factor in reducing our impact on the environment and society.

In late 2016, Deakin partnered with a State Government Initiative called Future Proofing Geelong, with the CSIRO and has created an organics processing project to be tested at Waurn Ponds Estate. The project was managed by Cleantech Innovations Geelong, an alliance of business and industry groups aiming to future proof Geelong. It aims to establish Geelong as a centre of excellence for Cleantech iAustralia to attract investment, create jobs and build skills in sustainability related industries.

If its objectives are met the Project will achieve:
A reduction, by weight, in waste going to landfill.
A reduction in related CO² emissions.
Environmental improvement.

The project has brought multiple areas of Deakin together to undertake a meaningful and collaborative project, providing a practical way to build a bridge between day to day campus operations and the teaching and research curriculum.

Results are measured monthly and have been very impressive. Changing our food waste processes has had a positive impact on our staff, also showing tangible evidence to guests about our commitment to closing the loop on sustainability.

The Closed Loop unit has performed extremely well, the main impact is how much food it diverted from landfill. The average is approximately 30KG per day – which equates to 1.0-1.2 tonnes per month.

We have reduced our general waste bins from 12 to 5. Because of the volume of fertiliser produced has exceeded expectations, the organic waste is now being distributed by our Grounds team across the Waurn Ponds Campus.

As of the end of September, we have reduced approximately 8.34 tonne of food waste from going into landfill.