Modern, flexible and technology rich spaces for external engagement, conferences, retreats and professional immersion.

Joining the pack of Deakin’s current corporate centres, the Waurn Ponds Corporate Centre provides high-quality, technology-rich, sophisticated meeting and event spaces.

Across the eighteen meeting rooms, the centre can be used for;

  • important University profiling, liaison and alumni activities
  • industry-based engagement, consulting and research initiatives with government and the professions
  • development and delivery of corporate education, professional development and selected postgraduate programs
Room Capacities
Room Name Capacity (People)
Meeting Room 1 5
Meeting Room 2 5
Meeting Room 3 5
Focus Room 1 3
Focus Room 2 3
Board Room 11
Upper Board Room 8
Executive Office 1 1
Executive Office 2 2
Executive Office 3 3
Executive Office 4 1
Executive Office 5 1
Executive Office 6 1
Executive Office 7 1
Executive Office 8 1
Executive Meeting Room 1 3
Executive Meeting Room 2 4
Executive Meeting Room 3 4


A variety of catering options are available that can be served to your meeting room, the WPCC lounge or you can break away and visit our bistro.


We understand what it’s like to be in meetings all day and travel between campuses so we encourage you to stay at Waurn Ponds Estate.

Our Deakin packages are the perfect option to maximise the use of your time whilst looking after your safety and wellbeing.

Packages and pricing;

  • Deakin staff bed and breakfast $170 per room, per night including breakfast for one (charged to budget code)
  • Deakin staff bed and breakfast $185 per room, per night including breakfast for one (charged to corporate credit card)


What are the corporate centre opening hours and can I book a one hour meeting?

The corporate centre is open Monday to Friday between 08:00 – 17:00. Bookings in any of the WPCC meeting rooms can be for as little or as long as you would like.

Do the corporate centre meeting rooms have VMP capability?

Yes, many of the meeting rooms have the latest in audio visual technology, including access to video conference facilities.

Do you have breakout areas?

We’ve designed the corporate centre with you in mind and that means we’ve created a lounge area where you can have informal meetings and enjoy complimentary tea and coffee.

Can I come for lunch without booking a meeting or requiring accommodation?

Absolutely. Our lunch offering can facilitate University business and external engagement liaison when there isn’t a specific need for a meeting space. Service is carried out in a variety of spaces across our bar, lounge and outdoor areas.

Can I request a different room set up?

Our meeting rooms are permanently set with a boardroom table for ease of use during meetings and a quick turnaround between bookings.

What costs are involved in booking a meeting room at the corporate centre?

All meeting rooms are complimentary for Deakin staff to use. Catering is at an additional cost, but is not required to secure a booking at the corporate centre.

Can I cancel my booking with no cost?

If you have booked catering, you can cancel up to 2 business days prior to the meeting date, otherwise charges will still be journalled to your budget code. If you have booked the meeting room only, you can cancel any time without incurring any charges.

Is food available all day?

We prefer catering that is pre-booked through Food@Deakin, however have a lunch offering available on request. Speak to our friendly staff about our menu options and any special dietary requirements you may have.

If you would like more information on our corporate centre or would like to make a booking call us.

03 5227 3554