At Waurn Ponds Estate we understand how looking after the wellness of your team can contribute to success of your business.

We’ve partnered with some great companies who can help your staff increase their wellness both at work and in their personal lives.

Corporate Fitness Services

Corporate Fitness Services Managing Director, Lex Dwyer, is focussed on bringing wellness into the workplace and creating ways for integrating physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual awareness into people‘s working life. 

With over 30 years of experience in designing and running successful programs, Lex has found that weaving short (10mins – 60mins) wellness and activity based sessions throughout the entire agenda activates and provides a different learning environment for the participants.

This helps people maintain focus and concentration on the content and purpose of the session and engages people a different yet supportive way so they can be ‘learning ready’.

Offering half day, full day or 3-5 day programs, Lex programs tailors to suit the business needs and his services and programs include, but are not limited to;

  • Design and development of workshop/conference programs
  • Program Director role, which would oversee the delivery of the entire experience
  • A series of presentations on Wellness and Energy Management
  • Team development sessions that build collaboration (further examples below)
Personal Resilience Session

The one day personal resilience program equips you with the tools and skills to manage your energy and develop capacity to consistently perform at a high level in your business and personal life. The program provides you with an assessment of your current position and a clear starting point from which you will begin to improve.

Collaborative Cup

Participants are divided into groups to represent the various business units in an organisation. Each team is to do as well as it can in each of the experiential activities, however the team scores are added together to give a GRAND TOTAL, this Grand Total will then be used to assess the overall performance of the group.

  • Half day       $ 2,200
  • Full day       $ 3,500 per day
  • 3-5 days      $ 3,300 per day

Fees are exclusive of GST and booking fee.

Massage Therapists

Balance Therapeutics Mobile Massage will come to the Estate to treat your team.

They believe that apart from showing your employees that you really do care about their wellbeing, that there a numerous positive effects from a work environment massage such as;

  • Decreased stress and anxiety related to office work
  • Reduced frequency and severity of headaches
  • Improved sitting posture
  • Soothing relief from strains of postural muscles in the neck, shoulders and arms from desk work
  • Relaxing the mind and improving mental focus and concentration resulting in improved productivity
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved blood flow and respiration
  • Reduced long term staff turnover

Services include roving massages (at tables/desks), massage chair or massage tables which can be set up in the conference room or an additional breakout/accommodation room (pending availability). Rates below, plus booking fee.

  1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours 5+ Hours
1 Therapist $80 $150 $210 $270 $60/Additional Hour
2 Therapist $160 $300 $420 $540 $120/Additional Hour
3 Therapist $240 $350 $630 $810 $180/Additional Hour


Motivational Speakers

If you are looking to drive change within your team or if your employees are in need of a boost of motivation, you should consider adding a motivational speaker to your retreat agenda.

Motivational speakers help promote fresh ideas which will encourage your employees to see from a different perspective and assist them with thinking outside the box. A good motivational speaker can also spark energy and inspiration to a team that is lacking in those areas.

Sean Purcell

Why consider Sean?

Sean is a speaker of hope and inspiration. In his presentation, Sean outlines just how amazing humans can be and what we are capable of in the face of adversity. Sean shares his story and insights gained from his “second shot at life.”

  • Fee Range $2,500.00 + GST ex VIC

David Parkin OAM

Why consider David?

David’s career in the AFL both as a player and coach is legendary.  He is a strong communicator and his experiences draw strong parallels to business and the need for a focused team.

  • Fee Range  $3,000.00 + GST ex VIC

Marita Chang

Why consider Marita?

Founder and CEO of aubot, Founder of Robogals and Aipoly, Awarded the ‘Next Generation Leader’ Award in New York in 2016, ‘Asia Society’s Game Changer Award 2016 and 2012 Young Australian of the Year – Marita Cheng is the future of entrepreneurship in Australia. She is passionate, inspirational, delights in all manner of challenge and has already a lengthy list of achievements to her credit.

  • Fee Range $8,000.00 + GST ex VIC

Yoga Session with Tara Lynch

Tara teaches yoga locally in many settings to all ages and abilities.

She has a particular focus on making yoga accessible and inclusive for everyone, modifying postures and using properties to enhance the experience.

Tara is passionate about helping students feel good in their bodies and minds. She has been a teacher for over a decade and has practised yoga for double that time.

  • $10 per person

Plus booking fee.

Deakin Active

Whether it’s about getting fit and active, being healthier, interacting with your team, or just breaking away from the conference room, DeakinACTIVE group fitness sessions could be the perfect option.

  • 30 minutes from $70 per session
  • 45 minutes from $90 per session
  • 60 minutes from $110 per session

Plus booking fee.

Add a wellness package to your event

If you’d like to learn more about wellness packages at Waurn Ponds Estate get in touch with our team.

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