In this article, we provide our top 3 tips for organising your next conference to make sure it is a success.

1. First impressions count

  • Ensure guests have all the information they need to prepare for the conference, prior to arrival.
  • Provide them with a map or instructions of how to reach the venue and the contact details of reception, to ensure they can easily locate it and arrive relaxed and ready.
  • Ensure they are aware of any onsite parking.

2. Welcome and farewell your attendees to help drive the conference message

  • Strengthen the conference message by making this the first and last thing they hear and see. Put up banners, have some conference specific stationery printed, make team t-shirts, put the message on their name tag, have a welcome gift placed in their accommodation room. The list is endless. You could even have a take home cupcake with your message printed on top, for attendees to eat as they are walking out the door.

3. Use your venue contact for information and ideas

  • There is a wealth of knowledge in people who work in events. So use this to your advantage! Ask them about offsite dining options, airport information, team building suggestions and branding companies.
  • They also know their venue best too. So tell them about the successes and disappointments of previous conferences you have held elsewhere so they can suggest how their property can assist with creating a positive outcome this time.