In the fast-paced world of modern business, traditional corporate boardrooms are no longer sufficient. With organisations striving to foster innovation, collaboration, productivity and engagement, the need for inspiring and versatile meeting spaces has never been greater. Whether you’re having an important one-on-one meeting, or a larger-scale corporate conference, finding the perfect meeting room is vital. 

Waurn Ponds Estate offers a myriad of meeting spaces designed to exceed expectations for your next event. Offering eight meticulously designed meeting rooms for hire, each with their own distinct features, technology and aesthetics, meeting spaces at Waurn Ponds Estate can be tailored specifically to your event needs.

Versatile Meeting Spaces

Uninspiring corporate boardrooms for meetings are a thing of the past. Today’s corporate businesses recognise the need for environments that foster creativity, encourage collaboration and drive productivity. Whether your event is one-on-one, a small team meeting or a larger-scale corporate event, finding a meeting space for hire that is versatile is priority. Versatile meeting spaces offer the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of activities, from brainstorming sessions, workshops to team-building exercises and client presentations. Finding the perfect meeting room to hire for your event can set the stage for success.

Meeting Rooms for Hire at Waurn Ponds Estate

Nestled amongst the stunning surrounds of Waurn Ponds Estate is a diverse selection of meeting rooms for hire. Designed with productivity and engagement in mind, these alternative meeting spaces allow business discussions to thrive beyond the traditional boardroom. Let’s explore Waurn Ponds Estate’s meeting rooms in more detail.

1. Torquay Room

The Torquay Room seamlessly blends contemporary amenities with the natural beauty that surrounds Waurn Ponds Estate. High ceilings with modern, user-friendly audio visual equipment and easy access to a sprawling grassed area, the Torquay Room is the largest meeting room available for hire. Accommodating up to 154 people as a theatre style setup, the Torquay Room is nothing short of exceptional.  

2. Anglesea Room

Soaked in natural light from the high ceilings, the Anglesea Room caters for gatherings of up to 60 people, depending on the desired room layout, also with modern, user-friendly audio visual equipment. A versatile corporate meeting room, this space can be tailored to suit your event and setup. Allow your guests to enjoy a tea break or team building activities in the large grassed area, simply accessed by the terrace.

3. Bellbrae, Ceres, Jan Juc, and Moriac Room

Each with their own balcony overlooking the Waurn Ponds Estate grounds are the Bellbrae, Ceres, Jan Juc and Moriac Rooms. Catering for between 10-12 people, these meeting rooms all have state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and modern amenities and facilities – perfect for your next smaller-scale team meeting.  

4. Duneed Room

The Duneed Room is a boardroom style meeting room catering for up to 16 people. Filled with natural light and access to its own private balcony overlooking the lake, this meeting room is ideal for presentations, speeches, team building and seminars.

5. Paraparap Room

With state-of-the -art audio-visual equipment, natural light and a balcony overlooking the  lakes, the Paraparap Room can be specifically tailored to enhance your next conference or business meeting. Seating up to 18 people in a U-Shape style, the Paraparap Room is perfect for your next business meeting.

6. Public Meeting Spaces

Looking for an informal space to engage and collaborate with a small group of people?
Waurn Ponds Estate also have a variety of indoor and outdoor public areas that are suitable for conversations over coffee or lunch, right up to large team building activities



Versatile meeting spaces are essential for modern businesses seeking to thrive in today’s dynamic corporate landscape. Whether hosting a conference, seminar, or team-building retreat, the possibilities are endless within Waurn Ponds Estate. More than just your traditional boardroom, meeting spaces at Waurn Ponds Estate create memorable experiences, foster meaningful connections and empower businesses to achieve their goals with confidence.

Ready to elevate your next corporate event or meeting? Discover the possibilities and meeting rooms for hire at Waurn Ponds Estate. Our friendly team are here to help you find the perfect meeting space for your next meeting or event.