Alt text: Exceptional corporate catering services at Waurn Ponds Estate Geelong, people passing a shared plate of locally sourced vegetables across the table at a corporate events hosted at Waurn Ponds Estate

Traditionally, the mere mention of corporate catering leaves thoughts of continental breakfasts, boxed lunches, and buffets in your mind. However, what many overlook when planning a corporate event is the impact the catering can have on the overall event experience.   

More than satisfying hunger and providing sustenance, exceptional corporate catering services are the unsung hero of any business gathering, critical to elevating your corporate conference, meeting, or event from ordinary to memorable.

At Waurn Ponds Estate, our talented chefs operate under a unique food philosophy where corporate catering menus are designed to be a cut above traditional expectations.

In this blog, we’ll delve into corporate catering, shed light on its importance and discuss how it can transform your business event into a memorable experience.

The in-house corporate catering difference

When planning a corporate event, there are many moving parts to be considered and catering is one of them. At Waurn Ponds Estate we provide in-house catering services for corporate events, ensuring each and every guest in attendance is not only left satisfied, but also delighted.

It’s often thought that bringing in an external caterer for your event might be the easiest option. However, it’s important to consider the needs of your guests. Ensuring quality, customisation, flexibility and seamless integration into your event is just as important as what’s being served.
Let’s dive a bit deeper:

Quality control:

In-house corporate catering allows event organisers to have more control over the quality of the food and service that is being provided. Expectations can be directly and clearly communicated to the in-house catering team to ensure standards are met and are reflective of the company’s brand values.

Ensuring great quality stems from the produce used. The Waurn Ponds Estate catering team are committed to sourcing produce with welfare and sustainability in mind. Supporting small-scale farmers and growers, to provide high-quality ingredients that’s the best the region has to offer.

Corporate catering options with five glasses of smoothies made with local fresh produce at Waurn Ponds Estate

Customisation & Flexibility:

Throughout the menu planning process, your in-house catering team can work closely with you to tailor the menu to suit the specific tastes, preferences and dietary requirements of your guests. This not only ensures everyone is catered for and gets a delicious meal to eat, but it also provides a more personalised dining experience. The in-house catering team at Waurn Ponds Estate pride themselves on being able to provide a customised, local and unique food offering. With a variety of conference catering options available, you have the flexibility to choose a dining experience to suit your guests.

People sharing corporate catering Geelong shared dining plates at Waurn Ponds Estate

Seamless Integration:

One of the most valuable benefits of in-house corporate catering is that your meals and dining experience is seamlessly integrated with the venue. There’s no need for additional coordination and logistical considerations – you won’t need to allocate someone on your event team to travel to collect food. This ensures a smooth setup and service throughout your event, reducing delays and any chance of error or miscommunication.  

Your next corporate event awaits

Elevate the success of your next corporate event with superior in-house corporate catering with Waurn Ponds Estate.
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