We forge close working relationships with our key suppliers who are like-minded people. Here we talk with Mark Clatworthy, owner and head roaster of Ocean Grind Coffee.

OG is a coffee roastery based in Torquay on the surf coast. They aim to roast coffee beans and educate clients and customers in the region about specialty coffee, by sourcing and roasting great flavours while minimising their impact on the environment.  We proudly serve Ocean Grind Coffee at Waurn Ponds Estate & Geelong Corporate Centre.

How important is sustainability to you in your business?

Extremely. Our brand is not only about coffee, but an appreciation of the ocean and natural environment. So if there’s a less harmful way of doing things and it’s within our means, then we do it.  It’s always front of mind when choosing beans, suppliers, packaging, etc. And we always try to encourage the use of reusable coffee cups (using discounts) and reusable tins for our wholesale customers.

What’s your daily coffee drink?

Usually a piccolo and as the weather warms up I also enjoy a cold brew coffee in the afternoon.

Explain to our customers who Felix is!?

Felix is our coffee van/mobile bar – an upcycled plywood caravan – that we use for markets, events and private functions. Felix is named after Arabia Felix (Yemen) which is the birthplace of coffee and also means happy and lucky!

What’s next for Speciality Coffee in regional areas? what do we need to be on the lookout for?

I think people are caring more about the origin of their coffee, so there is a growing interest in single origin coffees. Filter coffee is becoming more popular and I think cold brew will be a huge hit this summer along the coast.

Anything new and exciting for Ocean Grind Coffee coming into spring?

We are hosting a few events at the roastery – a Twilight Market showcasing local producers and artists, plus a bike repair workshop and a coffee appreciation night. You can follow @oceangrind to keep up to date!