Here at Waurn Ponds Estate we pride ourselves on our sustainability efforts and are excited to share some updates on what we are doing to help and improve not only the environment around us, but also the environment that we work in.


We’ve had our closed loop composting system for four years which has not only enabled us to reduce our contribution to landfill significantly, but also to lower the production of methane gases that go into the atmosphere which are a significant contributor to global warming.

When we are placing orders for any seasonal fruit and vegetables that aren’t grown in our kitchen garden, or for our meat, we order these from local suppliers. This reduces our food mileage which in turn puts less stress on the environment, and of course means we have fresher produce to serve our clients. Our chefs have also begun to put more emphasis on plant-based sides and morning and afternoon tea items. This offers our guests a great variety of delicious and nutritious items across the day.

We also love serving seafood and therefore are always looking for a more sustainable way of doing so. We select fast growing varieties that are in abundance such as local calamari and farmed infinity blue barramundi.

No matter what the item is, we will always look for a sustainable way of sourcing and using it. To that fact, we are also working with our suppliers in opting out of polystyrene tubs and instead using reusable tubs for our deliveries.


Ebony (Centre Manager) and Max (Maintenance Manager) have been working extremely hard to have all of our hot water systems changed from gas to electricity. These are then powered by the 100 plus solar panels that are located on the roof of the Estate.

Dani (Front of House Team Leader) has been working with Nespresso to replace all our Nespresso coffee machines from the current single-use straws and plastic nozzles to re-usable rubber and stainless-steel nozzles. This saves us from using up to 1000 straws a year and highly reduces the amount of single used plastics from the venue.

We are in the process of transitioning all lights in the venue from compact fluorescent PLC to LED lighting which will lessen our energy usage. Furthermore, because they have a longer life span, it means they won’t have to be changed as often thus reducing waste.

In the future, we do hope to be part of the Soft Plastic Recycling Trail at Deakin University Waurn Ponds. This is a project that transforms all soft plastics into roads.


Overall, we are so pleased with the ongoing efforts we are making at the Estate, and daily we continue to consider new and improved ways to further our sustainability practices. We’re able to do so with the full support of Deakin University behind us and the motivation to fulfill our wider University goals. To learn more about that, you can see Deakin’s 2020 Sustainability video here.

Read more about our closed loop system here.