Our kitchen garden is the gate way to the soul of food here at the Estate. We learn a lot about the seasons and how long it takes produce to grow from spending time in our garden.

One things you may not know is that our kitchen has zero land fill regarding food waste and this is something we are very proud of. All of the kitchens food waste goes into our composting unit. We then use this food waste compost on our kitchen garden beds to assist us in growing our vegetables, flowers, herbs, lemons and limes. The chefs then use this fresh produce each and every day in our kitchen.

The chef’s love spending time in the garden as it is a great place to de-stress and connect with the earth.

Last year we planted a small fruit orchid with the following trees that have provided us a small amount of fresh fruit:

  • Apricots
  • Blood plums
  • Blood orange
  • Bosch pear
  • Feijo
  • Fig
  • Lemons
  • Nectarine
  • Peach

We recently harvested all of our winter leafy greens from the kitchen garden and we are now topping up our garden beds with Estate made compost. We will dig this through our garden beds and let it settle for 3-4 weeks as we will now start to plan our spring crop.

This spring for the first time we will be growing everything from seed in our kitchen garden.

One of the main reasons we will be growing from seed is because we can choose from a wide variety of plants, some of which we will be trying to grow for the first time. Growing plants from seeds is cheaper than buying them as seedlings. More importantly, you get to guide the plant through its whole life cycle, which will be a great learning experience for us.

One of our chefs Hayden getting his hands dirty.

What the chefs harvested from the kitchen garden.

Prepping the garden for spring seed planting.

Stay tuned….

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