As the new year takes hold, we look to predict what conference trends will be popular throughout the year ahead. As change is always influencing businesses and organisations, it pays to be familiar to the trends that will be prevalent for conferences in 2020.

Sustainability, health and well-being and innovative food are the new movements for conferences and understanding how these can be applied to conferences is vital for success.


Sustainability is an important topic to discuss, as today it is considered a trendy conversation piece throughout the media. Incorporating sustainability in conferences can be achieved in a number of different ways.

Organisations should be rethinking tradition by moving into a reduce, reuse and recycle frame of mind. It is important for venues to have a positive carbon footprint, contribute to recycling and take different measures to implement sustainable practices.

It is now more than ever that we see many organisations implementing sustainability directly into their mission and value statements and conferences now provide a way to bring this to life. By having environmental guest speakers, engaging team activities, using recycled materials or going paperless, businesses can achieve their sustainability goals and objectives.

Health and wellbeing

A new trend surrounding conferences is the term bleisure. Bleisure is the concept of business and leisure. This is a great concept to include at your conference to break-up content-heavy sessions.

Bleisure can be achieved through, worthwhile stimulating breaks such as meditation, cooking lessons, hands on activities and being present in outdoor spaces. By promoting and encouraging delegates to participate in these activities, you will in turn, have a more engaged and motivated audience.

Innovative food

Gone are the days where fatty foods, red meat and steamed vegetables would be served up for conference lunches. We are moving towards a more health-conscious food movement using high quality, local ingredients.

It’s also now becoming more important that dietary friendly options are provided at conferences and events. Not only will this mean that health requirements are met, delegates will feel valued and included, instead of going hungry because they can not eat the meals provided.

With this food movement, it also gives the opportunity to be more creative with dishes and create exciting menus that reflect the theme of your event. This will help spark conservations and interactions between delegates as well as creating more memorable experiences.