Summer is here and with it comes an abundance of new ripe summer ingredients to play with, in the kitchen.

Summer is a fantastic time to experiment with fresh, nutrient-packed food.

Cucumber, avocado, tomato, and strawberries are just a handful of the summer ingredients that are now in season.

Eating in season is not only a cheaper option but usually means the produce is fuller in flavor.

On our menu’s you will see fresh salads, light main meals, fruity and nutty treats and desserts.

Food that will pick you up on hot days and get you through the day.

These summer ingredients all have distinct nutritional values perfectly suited for the long, hot days of summer.


There’s nothing quite like a ripe tomato – be it a grilled beefsteak at breakfast, a cherry tomato salad or a bowl of gazpacho – the sweet, succulent flavor is the taste of summer.  A great source of vitamin C.


Of all the popular summer fruits, blueberries have a distinct advantage, nutritionally speaking. They’ve earned the distinction of one of the most potent sources of antioxidants, which help counteract heart disease, cancers, and other types of illnesses. Blueberries are also full of fiber and high in vitamin C.


Sprouts are a great addition to any sandwich or salad, adding a little crunch and texture.  Low in Kilojoules, fat and sodium Alfalfa also helps boost the immune system as a good source of Vitamin C.


Parsley is the richest vegetable-herb source of Potassium – the muscle mineral.  Potassium foods stimulate the kidneys to eliminate poisonous waste matter, they also help to preserve proper alkalinity of the blood and body fluids and they promote a healthy skin condition. The nutrient content of Parsley is one of the best medicines for day-to-day use.