It’s been an interesting few months and while the world was changing rapidly, so were the seasons…

The days will slowly start to get colder and shorter.
Autumn it is such a sweet time of year.
The leaves will soon start to fall and most fruit trees will stop producing.

During the autumn months you must make the most of gorgeous fruits in crumble’s and pies. Also take the time to fill your cupboard with jams and chutney, and turn bulging pumpkins into hot soup to ward off the evening chills.

Some of my favorite autumn produce is….

• Quince
• Apples
• Figs
• Lemons
• Pumpkins
• Mandarins
• Pears
• Leeks
• Beetroot
• Brussel sprouts
• Parsnips
• Silverbeet
• Beans

Autumn provides us with great produce in abundance, it is easy to cook with seasonal fruits and vegetables and create a wide variety of healthy meals. Cooking in and with the season and shopping at our local farmers markets means the produce will be fresher, cheaper and of a superior quality

Happy cooking everyone…