Corporate retreat themes are a great way to inspire the activities, menus and messages that you have throughout your retreat. They give you a good starting point for planning and the activities will be more likely to engage your guests.

It is important that you engage your employees in order for them to fully immerse themselves in the experience and get as much out of the retreat as possible.

When deciding on a retreat theme, ensure that it is relatable to your team and will be beneficial to their needs. Here, we have outlined two different themes that may be suitable for your corporate retreat.

Make a Difference

This theme is all about participating in activities that aim to make a change.

You could organise an employee fun run that’s purpose is to raise funds. Start off by deciding on a charity or fundraising group and then set a goal of the amount of funds you wish to raise. Employees could then obtain sponsors for running and the money would then be donated to the nominated cause or charity. At the Estate, we have a 5km walking/running track that would be the perfect fun run location with endless scenery and lake views.

Depending on the location of your retreat, consider organising a tree planting or rubbish collection activity. Not only will this stimulate your employees by encouraging them to get out of the conference room, it also provides them with the notion that they are doing something that will have an immediate positive effect on the environment around them.

We at the Estate enjoy sharing our sustainability efforts with our guests and consider the Kitchen Garden our daily activity to make a difference. Why not chat to the team about options to participate in a sustainable cooking class. One of our Chef’s would be on hand to educate your guests about sustainable ingredients, healthy and delicious recipes and tips on creating a kitchen garden at home. 

Challenge Yourself

‘Challenge Yourself’ is the perfect theme for teams who need to work on team building.

For this theme, we suggest kicking off your retreat with an amazing race. This gives employees the opportunity to work as a team and solve problems to overcome different obstacles. Each stage of the race could have different types of challenges to ensure that all team members have the opportunity to use their skills and abilities.

Another great activity that could be used to challenge your team is a hike. Venture offsite to a location like the Great Ocean Road where there are plenty of hidden tracks that will encourage your employees to push themselves, emotionally and physically.

If you really want to be challenged, then head down the Otways to Planet Mud. This amazing outdoor adventure centre has paintball, globe riding, segways and tree top adventures. Challenge your team with a paintball match or see how fast they can complete the tree top adventure.