Corporate training is important for any business to grow but if you want your training session to succeed, it is important that you invest in the right venue to hold your day. Training at an off-site location has many advantages that you may not have even considered.

These advantages include improving staff morale and motivation, increasing focus on the task at hand and allowing for greater flexibility.


By taking your employees to an external venue, this demonstrates a willingness to invest in your team and reinforces how much you value them. Positively affecting the morale of the staff attending the training session leaving them feeling as though they are an important asset to your team.

When employees and team members have high morale and feel that they are valued, they will be more engaged during training sessions and will, therefore, retain more information.


Working in familiar surroundings tends to be distracting for some people, but when removed from a traditional working environment they are more likely to focus.

By removing your team from the office, you can avoid distractions such as work phone calls, emails and other staff members that may take their focus away from the learning environment.


Venues built for the purpose of holding events such as training days have the flexibility to tailor their facilities to your needs. As well as this, venues are more likely to have up-to-date and technology-rich facilities unlike what you may have in your office space.

By using an external venue, you also remove the responsibility of organising the operational factors of the day. Allowing you greater flexibility and the ability to concentrate on the task itself.

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